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A Unique Flavour For Everyone
By Christine Stringer
Retouching by EYDIS EINARSDOTTIR - Sugar -
Styling - DEANNA PALKOWSKI - Liz Bell Agency -
Makeup - NEGAR HOOSHMAND - Liz Bell Agency -
Hair - KATRINA MOLSON - THEY Representation - using Phyto hair care products
Nail art by CHRISTINA CULVER - THEY Representation -
Model - Naomi - Liz Bell Agency -
Clothing provided by cuchè -

Local jewellery designer Deborah Richardson has an talent for creating functional, eclectic designs. In her collection - Coral Moon - her "...artistic vision and classic, feminine style blends together to create signature pieces that compliment and enhance a woman's wardrobe." With functionality and beauty at the forefront of her design intention, many of Richardson's pieces can be worn more than one way. Various stones or metals can be added or subtracted at the snap of a finger and the artist will even work one-on-one with you to design the perfect piece for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a classic chain with Swarovski crystals or mixed metal piece adorned with raw cut stones from around the world, Coral Moon is the Ben and Jerry's of Canadian jewellery, a unique flavour for everyone.

Richardson began designing jewellery when her daughter, Jessica, was a youngster. Now Jessica is all grown up and has inherited her mother's thirst for fashion - she is a visual merchandiser for a high-end fashion line. "Jessica is a great sounding board for me", Richardson exclaims. "She tells me what to add and subtract from my pieces to make them really transcend generations". Also, with Jessica's involvement in the world of high fashion, Richardson has insight to upcoming trends that are incorporated in every piece of the Coral Moon line. But don't worry; Coral Moon won't break your budget. The designer uses a variety of metals and stones from copper to gold, stone to Swarovski crystals and raw cut amethysts to keep costs realistic for a variety of buyers.

Now let's get to the goods - A tri-chained necklace made with interchangeable thin strands of silver, oxidized silver (that becomes almost black) and gold make for a street-wise twist on the classic tri-gold bands that people have loved for years. But Richardson's unique take on the design gives it to us at a fraction of the price and with a little more rock n' roll flavour - thank you! She adds a pounded metallic circle that dangles from the chains delicately, but if that's too much for your outfit, you can take it away. If you need to give your look a little more kick, you can add a raw-cut quartz to the circle for a real pop. Her raw brass line is really special. Small pounded brass circles are made into a chunky chain and interlaced with raw cut semi precious stones to create a high-class bohemian look that will accentuate any attire and go from work to play with ease.

Richardson also makes earrings and bracelets with the same creative ferocity that you see in her necklaces. She twists and turns metals to form shapes and designs that are as beautiful as they are interesting. She adds unique stones that she stumbles across in her many travels to make outstanding, one of-a-kind pieces. Richardson likens her designs to "painting in multimedia." She takes a classic piece and adds "wild and edgy elements" to make beautiful jewellery that really stands out.

For a look at the Coral Moon line and to meet Deborah Richardson in person you can visit The Velvet Room at 2248 West 41st Avenue in the heart of Kerrisdale. For information that is fingertip ready, see her websites: and

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