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Volume 20
Vancouver, May 2009
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Photography by Liz Rosa
Make-up/hair - Allison Giroday
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A Natural Touch
by Jennifer Cummer

Eco-conscious fashions have not had the smoothest of roads, navigating its footing in the ever-changing terrain of our fickle fashion world. However there are a handful of designers who have been committed to showcasing ethical clothing options without ever sacrificing style. Jada-lee Watson is one of those designers.

A self-taught talent, Watson created her line of women's wear, Nixxi, in 2007. It has been well received in every season that followed. Nixxi clothing has been described by many as timeless and comfortable separates, with reviewers highlighting her attention to detail and graceful silhouette. We could not agree more!

Watson's career started first with re-working vintage garments, items she liked but knew she could (and would) prefect. Through trial and error her sewing skills bloomed taking the young designer to several artisan markets, experiencing the effect of her designs on her customer first hand. Living an eco-conscious personal life, she knew she wanted to work strictly with ethical material choices and organic fibers, leading to a laborious process compared to many other young designers. Due to the initial lack of sustainable fabric (before the trend kicked into high gear), Watson took it upon herself to dye meters of stretch hemp, simply to expand what she could offer her ever-growing following. Jump forward to the organic fabric selection available today and Watson is thrilled to have the variety that she has. "A patterned fabric, even just a simple stripe, was difficult to source for many years." She does credit her limited fabric selection to expanding her creativity, sighting that simple fabric forces a design to be strong and not merely focused on the beauty of the fabric.

Nixxi clothing offers items that can take the wearer seamlessly from the office to a dinner date or even drinks with the girls, all by merely changing the accessories accompanying the garment; a true testimony to a strong design. These versatile designs are embraced by not only fellow eco-conscious minded individuals but by many women purchasing items merely for their beauty and style.

Watson's design style has always had her focused on her surroundings and always asking herself, "what can I do with that?". She takes inspiration from other's personal style, culture and by trying to embrace the different moods of each season. Having her collection incorporate four main "feelings", the remaining items are formed from those starting points, creating a cohesive collection every time. We already have our eyes on her cobalt blue cowl t-shirt dress for spring, perfect for garden parties or an evening stroll on the beach. We are also keen for Nixxi's sweetheart neckline black ruffle dress, which highlights her well-tuned combination of comfort yet sexy.

So what is next for this talented and busy mother of three? She has already set her sights on starting a line for girls, inspired by the Nixxi Women, and of course her own two little girls. Still remaining eco-conscious, this new label will also incorporate art on the garments. With this new project still in the works, we will all have to wait patiently for the unveiling of the newest facet of Watson's creativity.

For more information on the designer, and where you can find your own Nixxi garments, please visit We look forward to continuing following this label and it's creator.

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