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Volume 19
Vancouver, April 2009
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Photography By (left to right): Brenndan Laird, Ed Araquel, Fred Fraser, Kyle Goldie

A Stoke of Beauty
By Jennifer Cummer

Do you ever find yourself rushing to ready for your day early in the morning, the news advising you in the background, when all of a sudden you are startled by the anchor perfect complexion at a painful 7.30 A.M.? Do you then pause your early morning routine to ponder just how they look so radiant?

Well, her name is Jessica Steblyk and she is the secret make-up weapon for the flawless and fresh complexions of many of our adored television personalities. Her careful brush strokes, accurate eye liner, deliberate hair placement, positive attitude and hunger for a challenge have made Steblyk the resident make-up artist on shows like W Network's Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag and City TV's Breakfast Television. She has also worked with celebrities like Ricky Gervais, Jessica Lucas and Rob Feenie and large companies like Hello! Magazine, Coke Canada and MTV Canada. This is quite the roster for a veteran of the biz; only she is not even ten years into her dream career. Her success is proof that hard work does pay off.

Steblyk discovered the art of make-up while in high school as a self proclaimed 'drama nerd'. This passion and her natural talent led the young Jessica to move to Vancouver at nineteen and obtain training at Blanche MacDonald's Broad Stroke Master Program. There aspiring make-up artists learn everything from the fundamentals to creating believable monsters and all levels in between. Although she discovered early on that monsters were not her 'thing', she flourished with the diverse training she received. What this artist does love is when something beautiful and breath taking emerges from a good day's work. Her ideal client is not a celebrity or model like many of her peers. Rather, she loves the idea of becoming someone's personal make-up artist. Truly forming a relationship with that client and her canvas, their face, allows for many of her beautiful moments to be created over time.

Steblyk is represented by Judy Inc., a Toronto-based agency that also represents photographers and stylists across Canada. This connection will allow for a smooth transition for Ms. Steblyk's next stage, moving to Toronto. Although her move is for personal reasons, she hopes to maintain a professional presence in both cities. With her talent and drive, we are sure Vancouver will only be more than happy to oblige one of their favourite make-up artists. Does this go-getter creator have plans beyond a two-city existence? She would love to teach the next generation of make-up artists and impart some of the tools of the trade she continues to collect. For now she has some valuable advice for those just entering this fast paced industry. Without trying to discourage any emerging make-up artist she does warn of the hard work and self discipline needed to succeed. "Most people spend four years on their careers (through university degrees) while our training is one a year, so be sure to allow some time for knocking on people's door to truly find your professional footing." She notes too the importance of having a strong look book where it should always be a case of quality over quantity. Looking back over her career thus far, Steblyk would not change a thing.

For more information on Jessica Steblyk or Judy Inc please go to or and be sure to browse through her many look books to review the beautiful creative moments she has manufactured, one beautiful stoke at a time.

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