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The Conversation Starter
Tanya Huang of Knot Theory wants to start a movement. This innovative designer envisions a world where people wear accessories that can strike conversations between complete strangers. Her unique line of ties easily accomplishes this for the wearer - declaring to the world who they are and slowly bringing people closer one tie at a time.

Despite her obvious enthusiasm for fashion design, software engineering had been her career previous to the launch of Knot Theory. However, the allure of fashion eventually became too prominent to ignore. Tucking a life as a software engineer into the past, she dived head first into fashion. "Fashion designers and software engineers are both creators. I love the feeling when a creative concept is turned into something visual and interactive." Finding similarities between the two very different industries, she felt confident in her new endeavor. Much concern was expressed by family and friends in an economy where jobs were becoming increasingly scarce. Nevertheless, devout determination and originality spun the beginnings of a tie revolution.

Huang is inspired by everyday surroundings and reinvents these influences to create one of a kind designs. "I aim to move ties forward in a more significant way, beyond just deciding on colors and prints; much like an architectural change is more interesting and creative than painting a new color on a wall." In the current collection, the architectural shape of the ties is one of the most essential elements. The sharp, thin silhouettes are very reminiscent of a katana sword - a traditional Japanese sword also most commonly known as a samurai sword. Further playing off of this inspiration, the styles of each tie are categorized by "Duels." The "Duels" each having its own unique design and story much like the people they are designed for. Ensuring that no matter the personality, one will find their perfect fit.

Having filled this ordinarily vacant niche so perfectly, it can come as quite a surprise to learn that, before this venture, Huang had never actually worn a tie herself. Yet once the idea materialized, the designer's innovative take had a lasting impact on this classic accessory. Knot Theory focuses on designs that embody confidence with a unique flair. "What I design is a reflection of myself. People who can appreciate that are usually those that can someway relate to me." She began to notice that her designs were falling into the hands of those just like herself - visionary, innovative and always a step ahead. The completion of her first collection was a pivotal and rewarding moment that solidified her place in the world of fashion .

This coming March, Knot Theory will be going Canada-wide. Already available in two stores in downtown Vancouver - MASC and Fine Finds - Knot Theory will be hitting its third, Got Style, in Toronto. It is no wonder that success is coming quickly for this Vancouverite as she stays true to her style and passion. "Patience, preparation, and planning are needed to execute each concept so I hope in time as Knot Theory continues to build more collections, it'll be known as an innovative and multifaceted label."

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