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Photography by PETER JENSEN -
Walking into Jennyfleur Loves. is like entering the closet of the mother-daughter duo that own the boutique. While browsing this stylish store, one feels at home with the Persian rug, armoire of jewelry and comfortable couches - it truly is a unique experience. Fully stocked with one-off designer pieces and a wall full accessories, even the most devoted fashionista won't be able to resist Jennyfleur's roster. They feature styles that are unique, trendy and vintage inspired - just like them.

Jennifer Gray and Shaughnessy Chow-Domos decided to venture in retail because they have always had a creative eye in fashion. "People kept asking us where we shopped, so we decided to open up a store and share our passion, allowing others to shop in our closet." Gray and Chow-Domos chose Yaletown to house their closet-style boutique just over a year ago, based on the neighbourhood. "We looked at other locations, but the retailers in Yaletown were friendly and we liked the vibe". Gray named the boutique after herself. "We both have to personally love everything or we don't carry it! That is how passionate we are."

Inspired by fashion from all over the world, Jennyfleur Loves... doesn't stick to one style or trend. The duo reads fashion blogs to stay ahead of the curve. As a young owner, Chow-Domos has tapped into what's going on in the fashion realm. They collaborate on every purchase. Clients can shop local and international designers that are exclusive to Jennyfleur. "We have found some amazing and talented local designers such as Army of Rokosz with her unique hand cast sterling jewelry, Hey Jude one-of-a-kind head and body chains and Sarah Runnalls color blocked clothing pieces embellished with vintage fur and leather whose lines all fit well in the store."

Chow-Domos admits that for 20-somethings, "There are so many international lines you can't get in Vancouver and I want to bring them here". They frequent tradeshows for unique styles. The remarkable team know what each of their demographic likes and tries to appeal to all women. Pieces are selected which each of them personally like and that work with their customer base. When purchasing, they keep in mind how the new garments can be worked in their client's existing collections. Gray insists, "We are always watching price points. Fashion should be something that everyone can enjoy - we don't want to exclude anyone."

Gray thinks fashion should be fun. "We all just have to take ourselves a little less seriously and have fun with style. We are always looking to push those boundaries for ourselves and for our customers no matter what their age". Gray & Chow-Domos are trying to introduce unique fashion experiences and they are thrilled about bringing "fast and fun fashion" to Vancouver with the introduction of their Couture Fashion Truck. Imagine designer racks rolling into your driveway for private shopping events. The Fashion Truck will be parked all around the city and they are relying on social media to help get the word out. "We have high hopes for the future and want to even get into menswear, because Jennyfleur loves him too!"

You can visit the store at Suite 110 - 1058 Mainland Stree in Yaletown. If you can't make it to the store, check out the website:

Jennfleur Loves. Hot Items: Never leave home without your utmost fashionable weapons of choice:

-Vlieger and Vandam Guardian Angel handbag
-UNIF Hellraiser spiked loafers (in black or bubblegum pink)
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