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Outstanding Students
Over the next few months we will be posting bios of outstanding students from local fashion design/merchandising programs. This month it's Kwantlen Polytechnic University. To qualify for the 150 word bio in Fame'd, each of the students below took up and successfully completed the Fame'd Student Incentive Challenge to sell 10 copies of the current collectible edition. 50% of all sales went to benefit their department (or a charity of school's choice). Special mention goes to Earl Luigi who spearheaded this program at Kwantlen.

Aileen Twa - Aileen has had a growing love for fashion, film and theatre since childhood. Having been homeschooled, she was given a lot of time and freedom to dream, create and explore her artistic passions. She was trained at Artra School of Realist Art and is able to render detailed design illustrations. With a love for pleats and folds, she tries to incorporate this aesthetic into many of her designs. Aileen's volunteer and work activities have been instrumental to her development as a designer. She has been mentored by the manager of costuming for an historic tourist site (Fort Edmonton Park), by the costumers on the set of Heartland, a CBC television series and by the tailors at Moores: Clothing for Men. As the artistic director responsible for costuming, makeup and still photography, Aileen worked on a short film on drunk driving called Dead End Drive (, which was nominated for a Rosie Award in 2011.

Alissa Segal - After dabbling in a range of creative pursuits Alissa Segal eventually realized that fashion was really what she wanted to pursue. She sees fashion as representational to expressing one's own individuality. Years in the retail industry have given her a foot in the door of the fashion industry. She has been involved with Eco-Fashion Week, doing everything from blogging to volunteering for the organization. In search of further expressing her ideas through fashion, she attended school in Montreal where the fashion culture was nothing less than inspirational. She is currently in her first year in the Fashion Design and Technology Program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Her penchant for creativity has attracted her to the design aspect of fashion. In the future she looks forward to entering the T‚lio Design competition. She sees herself one day working in the design field of the fashion industry.

Catherine Chan - Catherine's decision of pursuing a career in fashion solidified after producing a collection for her high school Graduation Fashion Show. After showcasing her work, she knew it was what she loved to do. With little formal training besides a high school textiles course, the Internet, and library books, she tried her best with what she knew to build an entrance portfolio for Kwantlen Polytechnic University's fashion design degree program. Her philosophy on fashion design: put love into whatever you make. She continues to exercise her philosophy in all that she does. In addition to being a student, she also gets involved in the school community through charitable causes and working in conjunction with students and instructors by taking leaderships. She also manages a student blog for high school applicants, parents, Home Economics teachers, or anyone interested in the fashion at Kwantlen. For more, visit:

Earl Luigi - Earl Luigi, the awarded "Canada's Breakthrough Designer" for winning 1st place in the 2011 Telio competition at Montreal fashion week, is completing his final year in Kwantlen Polytechnic University's Bachelor of Design, Fashion and Technology program. Upon graduation, he plans to gain experience working in the design or marketing department for the respected local Vancouver companies, such as Aritzia, CYCdesigns, International Fashions or Lululemon. Open minded and resilient, he would also love to be located in the fashion capitals. Working for international companies like Diesel, MaxMara, JNBY, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Club Monaco, LI&FUNG LTD or LVMH would be a great opportunity. Travel is perfect for career growth, for he enjoys meeting new people and works well in team environments. Experiencing new cities while staying true to his Filipino-Canadian roots, Luigi strongly believes that the success in the fashion industry requires dreaming big, planning well, driven determination and a solid vision.

Elisa Medina - Elisa Medina is a young designer whose path to fashion was carved by a love for painting and drawing. Born in Quito, Ecuador in 1991, Medina started to draw at an early age and was eventually introduced to fashion illustration. From then, she gradually cultivated her eye for design through sketching models in the pages of Vogue. Medina also started to appropriate her fine arts training to develop an aesthetic rooted in painterly compositions of colours and fabrics as well as mixed cultural and historical references.Medina is a fashion devotee, constantly exploring the possibilities of clothing through her work, while remaining aware of trends and designers. She believes in innovation though handicraft values and collaboration among creative disciplines. On moving to Canada in 2008, Medina started to translate her craft from paper to fabric. Currently, she is developing her technical skills at Kwantlen University both in women's and menswear.

Fion Cheung - Beginning at a young age, Fion Cheung has been connected to the fashion industry, as her parents once owned and operated a Vancouver apparel manufacturing company. Being constantly exposed to seamstresses, pattern-makers, machines, and drafting tables allowed the idea of a future career to manifest in her subconscious. After experiencing deep fulfillment through completing a fully finished garment in grade ten, Fion truly discovered her passion in fashion. As an aspiring designer and pattern-maker, Fion creates with an entrepreneurial mindset, allowing her to critically evaluate her work to ensure success. Fion's extensive education from Kwantlen Polytechnic University has given her a balance in creativity, technical skills, and a business sense. Her journey at Kwantlen has broadened her interests, including marketing, social media and photography. Fion is eager to enter the industry after her expected graduation from the Fashion Design and Technology Program in 2013 equipped with a strong, multifaceted foundation.

Grace Choi - As an emerging professional, Grace Choi has grown exponentially over these four intensive years while studying at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Art has always been a passion ever since she could remember and with that, she has chosen to pursue her career in fashion keeping passion close to heart. Over these four years, her hand-drawn illustrations have slowly turned into beautiful Adobe Illustrator floats. Choi was previously unfamiliar with drawing male figures and has challenged herself to produce a 4th year line catered to men. In her final collection, she developed Stealth, a protective motorcycle apparel that cater to the small-framed male riders, who enjoy riding as a method of stress relief. This collection will showcase her amazing technical skills. She aims to greater develop her technical abilities for her aspirations in the production aspect of fashion.

James Knipe - "Somewhere I've always known, that I was born for greatness" - Oprah Winfrey. After spending a year at UVic, James realized his true passion in life and decided he wanted to enter the Fashion and Technology program at Kwantlen. With no previous sewing experience he quickly took lessons and began working on his profile. One short year later he was accepted into the program and is now fully immersed in semester one! James believes that the Vancouver industry has lots of talent but there aren't too many decent outlets to showcase all the young designers. James wanted to get to know the industry more so he decided to start interviewing those making an impact in Vancouver including Jason Matlo, Erin Templeton, and Daniel Hogg of Gentle Fawn. James lives by the motto `never a failure. Always a lesson' and has never looked back. Follow him at and @jamesknipe_.

Jamie Kan - Jamie Kan is an aspiring fashion professional from Vancouver Canada. Prior to her pursuit of the Fashion Design and Technology Degree from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Kan was readily immersed in many aspects of the industry. With eyes glued to Jeanne Beker on Fashion Television, Kan began her fashion flight at John Casablancas in 2005, graduating with a Fashion Arts and Business Diploma. Since then, Kan has acquired years of experience in retail and visual merchandising. She also assisted the local stylists of They Representation and the Style director of The Honey Mustard. Having interned as a design assistant at International Fashions -producers of Kersh and Press, she branched out to product development as well as marketing. She looks forward to seeking opportunities with an international company. With her multilingual skills and strong desire, Kan plans to feed her ambition globally to reach a widespread audience in the fashion world.

Jan Bautista (Jan "Gorgeous) - When he was young, the moment he saw another boy wearing the same shirt similar to his, Jan Bautista also known as "Gorgeous" and a full-blooded Filipino, swore to be part of fashion that embrace distinction and creativity. His first business is his own alteration business at home and he making dresses for friends and baby dresses by request. Designing behind couture houses, theatre, and film is one of his dreams. Now a second year fashion student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Jan is fond of looking at the past, learning the meaning behind different cultural costumes and translating them in a unique manner. As an artist, Jan believes fashion is not only about making clothes that define a person's personality but also a valuable storyline and a significant life form that are worth documenting.

Jenny Vasilopoulos - Jenny Vasilopoulos is a second year Fashion Design Student studying at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. When asked why she chose to be in fashion, her reply is always that she could not see herself in any other field. Fortunately, this realization occurred at a very young age. She would configure outfits for her family members and friends to wear, and when she didn't, they would come to her for advice. Jenny knows when and how to work to get things done, not only to perfection, but also on time. She believes that one can find optimism through any hardship. Fashion school has allowed her to come to terms with who she is and what she is good at. Knowing that designing isn't what she wants to do, she is excited to jump in the puddles of retail buying and visual merchandising.

Jessea K. Thyidor - Jeassea K. Thyidor is a designer with an entertainment background. In Singapore, she was finalist on Singapore Idol in 2004 and this gave her many reviews as a songstress. She experienced acting for a drama series, hosting for an entertainment show and interviewing stars such as Jamie Cullum, Craig David and Fort Minor. But what has been brewing over time has been Jeassea's love for fashion. Jeassea is revisiting her roots in Canada and is currently studying at Kwantlen for a Bachelor of Design and Technology; Jeassea is honing her skills with every piece she creates. She infuses her designs with the entertainment factor along with her down to earth nature producing a well-balanced blend. Jeassea`s aspirations is to be in the business of fashion, designing for people who want to say something more through fashion.

Jessica Lim - Jessica Lim always liked creating things. However, she was never serious to pursue her future career in design until she saw Robert Cavali's dress. "I still remember the moment. It is one of significant moments in my life," she says. After She entered Kwantlen Polytechnic University, she studied the real-life fashion design process as well as marketing and business. From one of her previous internship, she developed dancing costumes for a concert tour for a local singer; Tara Lett. She learned that she is able to create one of kind costumes that are visually appealing and also functional. She strongly believes that having multiple skills and experience is an advantage. "I believe that even if an artist has great talent, without marketing skills, the pieces will not become known to the public. I have made a specific plan to broaden my view toward the world," she says. One of her plan is an exchange program to Shih Chien University in Taipei, Taiwan which is known for creative design. "I want to take the opportunity to develop my personal style and prepare to be into the fashion industry."

Joanne Hu - Indulging herself in product development, Joanne Hu is passionate about handling details in the line development process. . She has developed a keen eye in style, fit, construction, and materials. In her leisure shopping time, she takes pleasure in studying details in construction and remembers the hand of materials of the ones that she touches. Always hungry for knowledge, "Learning never ends," is one of her mottos to live by every day. She is proactively seeking for improvement and solutions. With a UBC bachelor's degree in Studio Arts and a (soon to come) bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and Technology in Kwantlen Polytechnic University, a sharp eye has developed for colour coordination and technical detail. In addition, she believes in people power and adores a positive working environment. This always motivates her to take the initiative to create a dynamic energy around her teammates.

Kady Chong - Kady Chong is a dedicated young professional currently enrolled in the Fashion Design and Technology program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. With a certain raw understanding of fashion, she designs with a strong message and positive attitude towards a personal view of beauty and style. She grew up as a drawer and was constantly encouraged to use her creativity. Also, she still remembers watching her mother sew and produce amazing garments on a regular basis. One could say that her inspiration is derived from these memories. There are many things that Kady wants to pursue in the fashion industry, but feels a distinct draw towards illustration and design. She desires the opportunity of exploring fashion on an international scale where she can live and learn from a variety of cultures. Kady is an optimist, who wants to ultimately end up in a career where she can learn, grow and truly enjoy life.

Karley Scovell - It was at Kwantlen's Polytechnic University Grad Fashion Show in 2009 where Karley Scovell first discovered that she wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry. She has always been a creative student, excelling in art and sewing classes in high school. Scovell was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. She applied for the Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Technology Program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in April 2010, and was accepted shortly after her interview. Even though Scovell has only been in the program for one semester, she says, "It's been a crazy semester but I wouldn't want to be doing anything else". She has big dreams for her future, including moving to London to work with well-known designers and eventually starting her own label. Scovell says, "Dream big; if you have the drive, you'll succeed".

Keisha Lowes - By being greatly inspired by the colours of the different seasons, the lifestyles of women living in urban environments, and the androgynous silhouettes from the 1970s and 80s, Keisha is able to design structured pieces with feminine touches to enhance a woman's natural curves. She also finds Michael Kors especially inspiring as his designs are simplistic with one or two details to make the garment unique. When designing, she strives to use natural or recycled fibres when possible in all of her designs to allow for a lesser impact on the environment. Her future goals include establishing her own eco-conscious label using local manufacturing. This label would be catered towards women who are looking for an eco-alternative to everyday casual and weekend attire. The garments would be easy to care for and flattering on many women of many ages. Currently Keisha is studying Fashion Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Kristin Yip - As a proud Vancouverite, Kristin Yip is an emerging young talent who is graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Design, Fashion and Technology in spring of 2012. Her final collection will feature men's wear jackets that are clean and modern, with the right fit-a combination of contemporary detailing and technical fabrics. Backed with an internship at the prestigious Arc'teryx Equipment Inc. and a position among top finalists of Canada's Breakthrough Designers, hosted by T‚lio Fabrics, Kristin possesses the experience and ambition of a growing artist. She has acquired various technical and marketing skills to expedite her development as a creative individual as she intends to pursue her dreams in the fashion industry at a corporate level. To maximize her opportunities of taking on a management role, she is expanding her understanding and knowledge of fashion marketing and sourcing.

Leora Elischer - Ever since she can remember Leora Elischer has adored fashion. She never believed she would be living out her dream and making a career out of her passion for design. She entered Kwantlen Polytechnic University directly out of high school with an eager drive to gain knowledge in the industry and showcase her creative potential. She had the great privilege of interning in the design department of local athletic company lululemon athletica. She now works as a design assistant with the company and has been gaining an immense amount of knowledge and skills throughout her experience with lululemon. Leora is currently in her final year towards completing her Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology at Kwantlen and is in the process of designing her final collection of environmentally friendly dancewear for teen girls. She is thrilled to present her final line on the runway and dive into her design career in the industry.

Lindsay Hudyma - Lindsay Hudyma was given her first taste of the fashion industry when she was 19. I Model Management signed her on in Calgary, Alberta as an international model and it didn't take long before she was on a plane headed to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. You can find her in catalogues, on billboards and in magazines. Some of her biggest accomplishments include Elle Magazine, and runway shows for Puma, Diesel, and United Nude. At the age of 23 it became clear to Lindsay that she belonged in the fashion industry, and she moved to Vancouver to attend one of Canada's premier fashion design programs at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Currently she models with John Casablancas and in the new year will be interning for lululemon athletica inc., where she will gain invaluable experience for her future in the fashion industry. Keep your eyes and ears open for this budding fashion professional.

Luana Auer - When Luana departed her hometown of Whistler B.C. to France, she connected her love of fashion with her passion to travel. Luana interned at Sylvia Moschard's Atelier where she learned the artistry of a leather smith. Luana's designs reveal her innovative nature, as she focuses on creating garments from used materials such as unique findings from thrift stores. Growing up in Whistler has fuelled her inspiration for her designs and invested in her the need to be sustainable. Luana is dedicated to supporting her community. For several years she crocheted hats and donated them to an organization in the Downtown Lower Eastside. Currently Luana is in her first year studying fashion technology and design at Kwantlen. Her recent success has been winning the Vancouver Fashion Showcase Feature Stylist Competition at Diplomatic Immunity.

Meagan Therese Squire - Meagan Therese Squire is a highly influenced designer, whose vision, passion and flare knows no bounds. Raised in British Columbia and Puerto Rico, she has been able to take advantage of numerous cultural influences to synthesize her style into an eclectic, hip and cutting edge entity. Embodying creative individuality through her designs. At the heart and soul of her designs is her unapologetic love for quality, and innovation. An imbedded passion for independence and expression has influenced her to specialize in designing an impactful line of technical business attire that bridges the gap between blue and white collar apparel. Archetype features water resistant and technical textiles and will be featured at Kwantlen's annual fashion show this April.

Michelle Larsen - Raised on Vancouver Island in the small town of Parksville, Michelle Larsen's remote environment fed her creative mind. She developed her artistic intuition at a young age through all forms of art, including dance, music and painting. At the age of ten, Michelle discovered the art of sewing, immediately connecting her love of clothing with her passion for design. She began to manipulate old garments of hers which led to draping and pattern making at a young age. Michelle's first collection of 8 dresses was presented at her grad fashion show when she was 16 years old, accompanied by newspaper articles and radio interviews to promote the show. This was a crucial moment in defining her decision to attend Kwantlen to study in the fashion design and technology program. Michelle is currently in her first year in the program and is further developing her knowledge of the industry.

Michelle Leung - Michelle Leung's passion for fashion and costumes began at a very young age, as she styled together outfits for her paper dolls in her Vancouver home. Today she is in her first year of Kwantlen's fashion design program, a personal dream of her's. During her teenage years leading up to her eventual acceptance, she constantly worked to strengthen her fashion portfolio by teaching herself new skills, volunteering at various fashion events around Vancouver, and interning with Canadian designer, Shelley Klassen at Blushing Designs. Leung is a self-motivated individual who values process just as much as the result in aspects including and beyond the fashion industry. As a young designer, Leung prides herself of being a Kwantlen fashion student, always seeking to learn more and expand her knowledge of the industry she was meant to be a part of, in the city she has always loved.

Morgan Lewis - Young fashion designer Morgan Lewis is a graduate from the Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Bachelors of Fashion Design and Technology program, 2012. She enters the fashion industry with a passion for custom clothing, quality, and authenticity. Her short term goals include being employed full time in the Vancouver fashion industry, working for a company that combines her passions with technical skills, and working towards an international career. Her long term goals include working for a company that has many locations worldwide and perhaps starting her own line. Her interests outside of the fashion world include international travel, fashion and world history, a love for all animals, and artisanal crafts. She enjoys creating one of a kind fashion art pieces by combining her technical skills with silk painting, hand dying, fabric manipulation, and other hand crafted techniques. Morgan is particularly eager to start her career in the fashion world! Website:

Seanna Schmuland (written by Nick Milton) - Seanna Schmuland's talents started young, learning from her mother to be self-reliant with clothing. She went on to sharing her skills with others by custom sewing, tailoring at Moore's Clothing for Men, and producing costumes for local plays, before deciding to hone her abilities with formal education. After making the dean's list at UFV, Seanna landed a 2nd year seat at Kwantlen Polytechnic in Fashion Design and Technology. Having experienced culture in communities around Western Canada, her vision stems from an eclectic range of influences, focused through the nature of her personality, her love of color, lines and movement. Seanna's strengths are well rounded, from adeptness with imaging software, to market research and building themes from customer profiles. Seanna has high ambitions but is tempered by wanting to have a positive effect on the world. She hopes to combine her work and passion with the responsibility to help less fortunate.

Shelayne Mullholland - Shelayne Mulholland has been designing and sewing since she was five. Shelayne has created costumes for the Creative Dance Association, Kayan Bellydance Troupe, Cariboo Hill Secondary Choir and Belle Notte Fashion Show. Shelayne continues designing custom dance costumes while she completes the Bachelor of Design, Fashion and Technology Degree at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Shelayne is passionate about experiencing culture and travelling internationally. Shelayne is inspired by the way the body moves and the exotic colours of the Middle East. Shelayne specializes in technical design and innovative garment construction. Shelayne plans to get involved in Vancouver's costume industry, designing for film, theatre and dance. Shelayne also wishes to design for adventurous, active women.

Vivian Tung - Vivian Tung is a dedicated Fashion Design and Technology student in her second year at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. She has always loved fashion illustrations and drawing. As her mother was a quality inspector, Vivian was inspired at a young age to learn about fabrics, silhouettes and dressing well. Having lived in both B.C. and Hong Kong, she references her many cultural experiences in her designs. These places have influenced her understanding of fashion and make their way in to her designs with complex insight. She is passionate in her studies and enjoys being involved in fashion events in Vancouver. Vivian can often be found using her growing professional photography skills at these events as well as offering them to her classmates for school projects. She is always exploring uses for visuals with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in her work. You can see Vivian's work on Facebook at Vivian Tung Fashion Blog.

Yna Ansay - A lover of crafted creations, innovative ideas and corporate sustainability, Yna Ansay loves learning technological advancements to create efficient solutions. As a visual merchandiser for Club Monaco, and a former intern for Malene Grotrian Design and Mac and Jac, a strong background in high quality womenswear has been developed. A passion of analyzing the fashion industry, allows her to cover upcoming and iconic industry talent, as a writer for the acclaimed Fame'd Magazine. In her final collection, Ansay aims to promote a positive body image while showing off excellence in creativity, business planning and technical ability. Aspirations include possibilities in fashion editorials, as well as a Master's Degree in Business Administration. Leading the industry towards an innovative, ethical and economical direction is the ultimate goal. Her versatility in creative construction, detail orientation, market knowledge and global understanding will prepare her for a prospective career in merchandising and financial planning.