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Patricia Fieldwalker Stays True to Excellence
Photography by LIZ ROSA -
Make up - Allison Giroday
Hair - Melissa Leach 'using TRESemme Haircare'
Model - Emily @ Lexington Models

Patricia Fieldwalker's focus on fine detailing is just one reason the Adaigio collection has achieved international success. Her impeccable lingerie - sold throughout Canada, the United States, England, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain and Japan - is so versatile that pieces can be worn at formal events or under a suit for a day in the office. A reputation for creating luxurious garments trimmed with delicate French lace has earned her many awards of excellence. Patricia Fieldwalker lingerie has been featured in major films such as Pretty Woman and Fatal Attraction and fashion magazines such as American Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Glamour and Vanity Fair. It has graced Hollywood's elite stars such as Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeifer, Julia Roberts, Naomi Watts and Julianna Margulies.

Although Fieldwalker has no formal training in the industry, she absorbed the skills and the French design aesthetic from her couturier mother. "I grew up around the industry and one thing led to another." It all started in the early 80's when she and her husband were going to attend a play. She wanted to wear a silk and lace camisole under her suit and since nothing was available locally, she made one herself. Her husband was shocked. She remembers, "It was considered so cheeky at the time." Before she knew it, requests were coming in to make silk camisoles for other women and she was soon selling to prestigious retail shops.

Today the silk and lace camisole remains a staple in the collection along with silk and lace chemises, silk pyjama sets and the exquisitely detailed robes and gowns. These elegant garments are must-haves for retailers like Bergdorf Goodman where her brand has been the major silk lingerie collection for over 25 years. Patricia Fieldwalker's prestige and quality keeps customers coming back. What continues to inspire this talented designer is the environment. Fieldwalker claims, "We're surrounded everywhere by beautiful things." An avid gardener, she often finds her biggest inspiration in the colourful flowers she cares for. One can see this reflected in the palette of the Adagio S/S 2012 collection - cosmetic colours and eccentric prints with a classic touch.

In an era where mass manufacturing and major consumption is the norm, how does a company with such attention to detail remain successful? Fieldwalker states, "Most of what we're buying now is mass produced offshore, but when it comes to luxury lingerie, you can't do it in volume." There are two collections designed every year and all the manufacturing is done in the company's Vancouver factory. This way she can have maximum control over production and maintain the line's excellent quality. One of the major downsides is the rarity of skilled labour locally. "It is very hard to come by sewers who are skilled enough to work with silk." Hence she cherishes her small production team who have been with her for over 15 years.

For aspiring designers who dream of obtaining success, Fieldwalker advises: "Find what you love doing and throw your heart into it. It's that degree of passion that sustains you through all the difficulties and challenges and keeps the excitement going. And always be looking for ways to improve your work because nothing is ever perfect! "

Patricia Fieldwalker's Adagio Collection is sold locally in La Jolie Madame, one of the finest retailers in high end lingerie in Vancouver. For more information on you can visit the website at