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Marlayna Pincott
Marlayna Pincott started in the fashion business under the best. Summers as a child were often spent visiting her aunt and uncle in Vancouver - fashion stylist Tracey Pincott and photographer Gregory Crow - where she hung out at their photo shoots. Mentors such as hair stylist Johnny Bellas and make-up artist Jon Hennessey took her under their wing. Add in studies in esthetics and animation and you get an idea of the depth this multi-talented artist brings to a shoot.

Experimenting with make-up began at a very early age. When Pincott shared her current career at a class reunion, one friend was not surprised. "She reminded me that when we had sleep overs, I would do everyone's hair and makeup - then style them and do photo shoots." Not realizing makeup could be a career, she first studied esthetics. While working in this field it quickly became apparent a more creative career would be a better fit. She chose to study graphic design and animation and then it was off to Vancouver to hopefully land a job at EA Sports.

Once here, Pincott began to assist her aunt on photo shoots. Johnny Bellas also took her on as an assistant. "I love Johnny. He taught me everything I know as far as hair and make-up." A year studying make-up at Blanche Macdonald honed those skills and gave her time to gain confidence. Jon Hennessey brought her on bookings as well. One favourite was the Be Bare fashion show. "I remember getting goosebumps because I loved what I was doing. There is nothing like having someone like Jon take a look and tell you everything that's good and bad about your work." He also helped open the door to working at the Mac Pro Shop on Robson. Here she gained crucial experience dealing with a wide variety of clients.

Pincott spent many hours working on fashion editorials to develop her portfolio, at one point freelancing for four agencies. She remembers a stressful early job at Lizbell before she was signed. "It was my first editorial for ZINK Magazine and the model needed long nails in neon orange. I had to glue on extensions and make sure her nails were not damaged when I took them off as she was jumping on a plane to New York when finished." Liz was on set and time was limited, so it was a relief when it all came off without a hitch. Within a year she was signed.

When approaching a shoot, Pincott trusts her extensive experience to deal with any creative demands. "For hair, seeing the model in person helps an artist to get a feel for where you're going." Her time at MAC comes into play when quick decisions are needed on makeup. Another talent she brings to the table comes from her studies in graphic design and animation. "I don't just look at the model's hair and makeup, I'm constantly checking the computer and thinking about what is going to happen after the shoot."

Apart from professional shoots, teaching make-up to novices and helping them gain confidence is a highlight for Pincott. She also has great advice to share with those entering the industry, "They should never let the hours of volunteering that we all must do discourage them as everyone must pay their dues. Also, networking is key for any and every freelance artist." Down-to-earth, creative and focused all describe this talented artist and there is no doubt she brings something unique to the industry.

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