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Myles Laphen - Fantasy Creator
Although he has 30 years of excelling in the North American hair industry, Myles Laphen is often known locally as the always smiling, yoga bag toting, hair stylist extraordinaire. His artistic energy and talent allow him to create that perfect look for every occasion: from casual styles and wedding up-dos; to high fashion looks for photo shoots and runway; to coiffing famous faces and the who's who in television and film.

Laphen was born in England, but grew up in Nova Scotia. His creative energy and emerging talent had him designing costumes at the age of four and dreaming of one day working in theatre, possibly even performing. By age 19, he found himself living in Vancouver and needing employment. When a job opened up as an assistant hair dresser, Laphen discovered that not only as he really good at it, but it satisfied the insatiable need to for creativity flowing in his veins. Since then there have been many successes both nationally and internationally, including owning a successful salon in the United States.

Ultimately the City of Vancouver beckoned him to return - embracing and inspiring him. As each new challenge arises Laphen gives it his all creatively. "Inspiration always comes from a place of inner calm. I take in the needs of each venture and then it's a matter of trusting the process. Some painters see a blank canvas with a destination. I see the same blank canvas as a place to pour creativity." He has worked along side some of the most creative forces in this city such as international photographers Albert Normandin, Karpa & Venturi, make-up artist Jon Hennessey, fitness photographer David Ford, photographer Clint Trahan, air brush body painting artist Jennifer Little of Glittermachine and fellow award winning hair stylist Jon Paul Holt. Famous personalities coiffed include Betty Davis, Lillian Gish, The Dali Lama and Salman Rushdie as well as local celebrities Anna Wallner and the late Paul Carson.

Recently the telephone has been ringing off the hook with unusual offers. Laphen admits that these creative opportunities have him stepping far beyond the safe realm of hair styling, returning him to his creative roots of fantasy fashion designing which he is thrilled to explore. He admits, "I am the new old kid on the block..." and relishes in the new challenges." They are tapping into hidden talents not previously known - several most recently discovered while taking part in the `Brief Encounters Project,' something he describes as "...a life changing experience." Here he not only created the fantasy hair styles for his stage partner and himself, but he designed the costumes and came up with the musical concept. Most surprising was the discovery of an aptitude for acting and flamenco dancing. "I feel as though there is a creative energy flowing in my direction and endless opportunities just waiting to discover me." He is now becoming known for being more than just a hair stylist, he is a fantasy creator.

Myles Laphen has embraced every experience offered throughout his long career and attributes each of them with helping build his confidence and create amazing memories. "Variety is the spice of life!" As he continues on this creative journey, it is with a new goal to refuel his creative direction and showcase his talents in the realm of painting, sculpting, beading and costume designing while continuing to push boundaries in the hair styling industry.

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