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Anthon - Ready to Conquer
Photography by
Make-up/Hair - BLAIR PETTY @ Judy Inc Using TRESemme hair care
Model - ANTHON @ InspirationAll Models

From an early age, Anthon had a tenacious appetite to succeed at anything he put his mind to. Even after having hip surgery and being told he may never play sports again, he went on to win multiple Provincial and National athletic awards in two different sports. Along with his drive to reign and conquer, came a fascination with male fashion and modeling. From a small rural town in South Africa, this 18-year-old head turner has always been taught to dream without limitations, which in turn has created boundless opportunities in the modeling world.

Anthon came to realize he wanted to model when he was approached by a woman on the street who recommended that he try his hand at modeling. InspirationALL Talent and Modeling Group saw Anthon's ambition and were excited to represent him. "It took me a while to believe that I had the potential to become a model. By the age of 17, after continuous encouragement and positive feedback from those around me, I no longer had doubt to hold me back." Recently, the opportunity arose to travel to Hong Kong for three months and model abroad. "The most difficult part is to be away from the people you love and many times to `live' out of a suitcase. In a way however, I gain independence and the strength to carry myself as an individual."

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