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JAC - For The New Generation of Women
Photography by EVAAN KHERAJ -
After 25 successful years the Jacqueline Conoir line was ready for something new. The popular woman's line had a strong focus on the modern professional woman, offering corporate suiting and separates. But changes in both the fashion world and the attitudes of women began to demand a line that would make more of a statement. Welcome JAC; the newest line from RozeMerie Cuevas. Edgier and younger, JAC is for the modern woman with her finger on the pulse. The collection is timeless. With rich textures and fabrics from top fabric mills who have worked with such names as Gucci, this is a quality line sure to attract a strong following.

If you look back on the Jacqueline Conoir collections over the past five years you will see that the clothing has some JAC inspiration. The brand was definitely moving in a natural progression towards the launch of this new line. However, it took two years in the making. Cuevas needed to re-brand the Jacqueline Conoir line as a corporate line at the same time she developed JAC. Originally she thought to hire someone else to develop this new label. After all, managing one successful collection, developing another and running a business is a lot to take on, but Cuevas needed to stay close to her vision, expand some of the current pieces of Jacqueline Conoir and make a consistent line.

The JAC look is described as "disheveled dressing" and is much different from the corporate look and clean lines of Jacqueline Conoir. "Fitted yet loose, with unique shapes and cuts. There is lots of draping and twist." One of the first things you will notice is the colour palette. There is a collection of greys, blues, blacks and neutrals; basic colours with different textures and weaves of fabrics. With such a basic palette, women can easily incorporate pieces of the JAC line with the colourful pieces of the Jacqueline Conoir line. Flipping through the photos from a recent fashion show, Cuevas points out her favourite pieces to me: a baggy, asymmetrical sweater, elastic bottom pants and a jacket with felted fabric sides to tailor nicely to the torso.

JAC has been tremendously well received by the existing client base, showing 100% pre-bookings after the April 2011 launch. . While the main purpose of introducing this line was to attract a new client group, it's encouraging that the consistency between the two lines is appealing for women. "My goal is for the collection to be approachable," Cuevas says, "I want women to be able to get a few pieces, keep them, add to them and see wearability in them."

JAC will be available in the Jacqueline Conoir studio July 15th, 2011. You can stop by the anytime, no appointments necessary. Look for more events and press around the JAC line in August and September

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