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Lrma Clothing - A Modern Edge
Photography by MIKE CHATWIN -
Make up/Hair - MARYANN RICHARDSON @ Judy Inc using MAC cosmetics
Model - GEORDY @ Richards Models

Shoes provided by Town Shoes
London Alexander's quiet demeanour is far from what you would imagine after viewing his beautifully detailed collection for Fall 2011. At the age of only 21, and still in design school, this talented artist has already launched a line of menswear - Lrma Clothing - and showcased it at a recent charity event. With the collection a success in its own right, this new talent is sure to wow audiences for much longer.

The designer grew up in Squamish, BC. London's career choice stemmed from an interest in fashion that developed around Grade 11. After realizing he was always drawing, he began to explore silk screening and used it to embellish t-shirts sewn for friends. An aunt owned a store in Victoria and Squamish where she sold her own line of leather jackets for men. It was while working there that inspiration hit and he started designing. She was instrumental in teaching him the technical skills necessary to conceive and sew his own original creations.

Alexander's passion is contagious. "I just love to design things. I find there's a lot of the same stuff out there, and I enjoy doing the little details on things like zippers, buttons and sleeve-tags." His creative edge is something which few possess. "I was on highway 99 near Porteau Cove, and was pulled over for using my cell phone. While I was waiting for the officer, I noticed the merge sign and that's how I came up with the design on the front of my pea coat." While describing the collection, his eyes light up with genuine excitement and passion. It is this enthusiasm that has helped the designer carve a promising career in fashion and his attention to detail has helped him pull away from the crowd. Chaos magazine from San Francisco has also taken notice and will be featuring the collection in their Winter edition.

Despite being relatively young for the fashion industry, the Alexander is completely realistic on what it takes to be successful. "It's going to come down to detail. It can't be that different - you can't change menswear completely. It's just not possible. But success will come down to detail, fit, quality and garment construction." The fall line has a mix of textures with dark colours and small details that draw the eyes attention. "I wanted it to have a modern edge. I wanted you to be able to wake up, put on a t-shirt, lounge in the house, go to work in it or walk the dog." His laid-back character has enabled him to create an extremely wearable line. However, it is the next season which is really exciting the designer. "I don't want to stick to one style of clothing. Spring is going to be more floral, more preppy, with a California beach feel."

Alexander has a set idea of where he wants the line to go, and what realistically needs to be achieved in order to be successful. "I want the line to stay locally produced. I think I would love to expand into womenswear, but originally I just found menswear interesting." He would also like to find a legitimate sales-rep who will take Lrma Clothing to the next level. Right now the line is only available online (, but with the amount of interest shown in the collection, it is sure to be in stores in the future.

Passion, creative instincts and an enchanting persona - London Alexander is a name we will be hearing more of.