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Hana Chiang - An Exceptional Talent
Illustrations by HANA CHIANG
Hana Chiang grew up in Taiwan where she fell in love with graphic design, illustration, photography and an array of other endeavors where her artistic talents could shine. Her talent was undeniable and caught the attention of an independent music festival. Here she was awarded a prize for outstanding design work in a music video. Chiang also found herself falling for a Canadian English teacher who helped fuel a decision to move to Canada. "It's kind of a romantic story," she laughs. "He asked me to move to Canada with him and I said sure why not!"

Now residing in Vancouver, Chiang has been celebrated as one of the promising students in her graduating class at the Blanche Macdonald Centre. An exceptional talent for clothing design as well as the ability to master pleating helped her stand out from the crowd. Through Blanche, the artist developed a grad collection; each piece inspired by Vancouver's vast blue oceans and rich orange sunsets. Origami was a theme that resonated throughout the assortment of garments, bringing back playful childhood memories for the designer. "Origami is really playful, but there is also a math to it. Exactly like designing."

Chiang's graduation collection was showcased at the Blanche Macdonald's year end show - a sunrise halter top, mist blue high-waisted, pleated pants and a dusty blue origami dress. The sunrise halter top is made from one hundred percent linen and is pleated around the bottom to give a geometric look. The coloring has a very romantic demeanor, resonating that of a watercolor painting. This was paired with the pleated high-waisted pants that are surprisingly made from very thin denim. On each pant leg are three pleats - Chiang's way of maintaining her geometric trademark. The material is comfortable, light and can be worn through many seasons. Another piece that made the graduate runway show is the infamous misty blue origami dress. Absolutely exquisite, this dress could walk the runway in any big name fashion week. Once again, the material is kept delicate and airy, mixing recycled polyester and linen. The dress is also pleated and decorated with white piping along the seams. To create extra drama Chiang designed a tulle skirt to go underneath, transforming it into the perfect evening frock.

Along with designing her own garments, Chiang also interns at OR by Angela Chen where she helps the designer with graphic designs. She also assisted with creating the OR look book for Fall 2011. Over the last year this new talent has learned a lot from Chen and even earned the privilege of sewing some of her pieces for different runway and charity events. Now ready for the next step in her fashion career she shares, "I am currently surface designing for Little Bambino, an children's clothing company, where I help come up with ideas on what designs to put on the clothes. I really love it so far!"

There is no doubt we will being seeing Hana Chiang's name more in the years to come. For now, to see more of her designs and illustrations you can visit her website at

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