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Geneviève Duthé - Gesource
Photography by PETER JENSEN
Born and raised in Montreal, Geneviève Duthé, has worked hard to build the connections and skills necessary to help clients source their business needs effectively. A sourcing agent's first impressions can also be their last as they scour high and low for the best options for their clientele. Her business card says it all. It is made from vendor's products to showcase the quality of her suppliers and the variety of skills available through her company, Gesource.

While studying Fashion Marketing at the Marie-Victorin School in Montreal, Duthé began an internship at a sales agency. Here she merchandised brands in the agency's showrooms and worked closely with customers, helping to develop new strategies for their boutiques. Then came a great opportunity to join a large Canadian retailer and work in their merchandising department. Noticing her energetic, bubbly personality and strong desire to succeed, the retailer offered her the opportunity to move into their sourcing department. It was here she discovered her love for sourcing and quickly grew to realize how important it was to the fashion industry. With the establishment of Gesouce, the realization hit that sourcing is vital for many different industries as well.

During an initial consultation. The "...client expresses their business plans, their problems and concerns as well as where they see their company in the future." In turn, Duthé devises a strategy to reach these goals with her previous contacts or by finding new ones; these contacts can be local or overseas. Sourcing requires her to maintain a close relationship with suppliers. This "...ensures both pricing and quality is kept consistent and to the standards required." She visits current and new suppliers every so often to make sure regulations are being followed and contracts between customers and suppliers are properly adhered to. Most business so far has come by word of mouth, which in itself says a lot about her dedication to help her clients and their satisfaction. "It's so important and economical to have a sourcing agent. By sourcing to find my clients genuine contacts, I help my them save both time and money. They are getting the best prices for the quality they request."

Geneviève Duthé has recently turned her eye to new horizons. "I now also works to source for industries outside of fashion in areas such as construction, anything which creates initial fear." It's this fear and the need to conquer it that pushes her to research intensely in the area required by clients. It's this same fear that has allowed Duthé to open her own company and transition it with her on a recent move to Vancouver. Using a sourcing agent allows her clients to have more time for themselves and to deal with pressing business issues. Her philosophy - "We have one life to live, so we should live it to the fullest."

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