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Elements from the Earth
Photography by ANGELA FAMA -
Kelli Taylor discovered she had a rare heart disease at the age of 20. This led her to promoting health in as natural a way as possible - first her own and then others. When she began to research creating a line of make-up two years ago it was for one reason, to offer her clients a healthier choice. Elements Mineral Make-up was launched in June 2010 and has been making waves ever since.

As Taylor worked to improve her health, she began to realize she was passionate about nutrition. Studying at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition taught her about whole foods and natural health. From there she went on to teach cooking and nutrition, study reflexology and massage, do an internship on Chinese Medicine in Asia, immerse herself in studies on NAET Allergy Elimination and open the Elements Wellness Centre. Female friendships have always been important to Taylor and opening the centre provided the chance to be a positive force in their lives. "Women are really important to me and I love being able to help them grow. That has been at the core of what has blossomed into everything else I have done."

One study found women have 150 chemicals on their bodies by the time they leave for work each day - chemicals found in our deodorants, hair products, make-up, etc. When Taylor read this she was floored! She began to research the ingredients in beauty products and found her clients were exposing themselves to toxins such as lead, parabins, Bismuth Oxychloride and BHT. It took a year of extensive research and experimentation before she finalized a line of make-up made from high quality ingredients that wears well. While initially meant to be sold in the centre, her enthusiastic clients and talented business partner, Ozzie Kipnes, quickly spread the word.

Weddings, fashion shoots and runway shows began requesting their new line. Pro-EMM was formed and make-up artist Alla Cristina brought on board to deal with the demand. One recent highlight was an invitation to the Whistler Film Festival. Elements had a space in the VIP tent where a light touch-up was offered. It was such a hit, people were taking off their make-up and having it completely redone. Cristina had a long line-up all day. Malene Grotrian is also a fan and uses the makeup for photo shoots and fashion shows, including her recent celebrity event at Birks.

Elements Mineral Makeup currently offers blush, powder foundation, eye shadow and bronzer - all with only four or five natural minerals on their ingredients list. There is not a single dye, preservative or fragrance to be found. Taylor has no concerns about sharing every ingredient. "People think it's easy to do. What's hard is being able to to figure out the right combination and having the right quality ingredients." Developing a natural mascara is still a goal and they have opted not to make a liquid foundation. "In order to keep a liquid version you have to put preservatives in it. We have our own oil and have designed it so each woman can mix it with the powder to create her own foundation on the spot, just enough to last a day or two."

Kelli Taylor's ultimate goal is to educate women and offer them positive choices. "We want people to know that there are lots of products out there. We can live healthy lives and we don't have to have all these chemicals on us."

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