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Katrina Molson, "Fearless Mane"
Photos by: EE Castson, Greg Swales, Chris Haylett, Charlotte Lin
One can immediately tell if the person they are meeting is a fearless beauty aficionado by what that person is sporting. In the case of Vancouver-based hair stylist Katrina Molson, it was multiple brightly-coloured feathers dispersed throughout her bleach blond hair.

Locally born and raised, Molson was always doing her friends' hair when she was growing up, but never thought of it as a viable career. In fact, she is a classically trained opera singer! Her inner hair diva - a visionary of sorts - was always coming out and, on one occasion, even mixed food colouring with hair gel to achieve a bright green shade. "You name it, I tried it," says Molson of her young and mischievous hair days. Since she decided to cross the threshold between hair adventurer and hair professional, she says, "it's just been a love affair that's gotten bigger and bigger."

Molson signed with THEY Representation and began doing editorial work shortly after completing her training at the Aveda Academy and the John Casablancas Institute. Along with celebrity shoots and ad campaigns, her work has appeared in Canadian glossies like Zink and Ink as well as international fashion staples like Elle Vietnam, with a feature shot in Paris where she lived for a couple of months last year.

Texture is her forte, developed from a love of her mother's curls. "I had an understanding for it from a young age. I remember helping my mom twirl her curls so they wouldn't get frizzy," Molson reflects. She loves creating wild and natural texture while maintaining the hair's natural movement. To an outsider, it's a little peculiar how enamored a person can get over something as simple as hair, but since Molson is a self-proclaimed "hair geek" in a way that all makes sense.

She is inspired by avant-garde fashion, like Viktor & Rolf's Fall 2005 bedroom-inspired collection where the models strutted down the runway with pillowcases attached to their `bed head' hair-dos. "So inspiring, so beautiful!" Molson gushes. Other than designing haute hairstyles for the legendary Parisian runways of John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Thierry Mugler, her dream is to work with her favourite photographer Steven Meisel, preferably for Vogue Italia. The girl knows what she wants!

After reviewing her work, it's clear that this young professional is on the track to greatness. It's a result of the aforementioned fearlessness, her love of the big and bold. She cites controversial style figures like Cher, Cyndi Lauper (she proclaims "I love the 80s!") and one of the first fashion divas, Marie Antoinette, as her hair icons. In fact, inspired by her fearlessness, I left our meeting with my very own feather hair extensions. When asked what's next after the feathers, she nonchalantly answered, "probably wool."

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