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Stefanie - Poised for Success
Photography by
Styling - KAROLINA JEZ @ Forte
Make-up/Hair - EMAN @ Forte
Model - STEPHANIE @ Lizbell Agency
Walking through the halls of any high school you may see more sweatpants and hoodies than styled outfits. But for 16-year-old model Stefanie, she tries not to look anything like her fellow classmates. By no means is she a fashion snob - her own style is a mix of everything from blazers to shift dresses to cargo pants and frilly skirts - it's just that she's developed an early appreciation for fashion and wishes more teenagers shared this interest.

Thinking modeling may be a fun way of exploring her passion for fashion, the Chicago born but Vancity raised Stefanie signed with Lizbell last year. "I still feel like I'm growing up.but I hope to inspire people to be confident in themselves." Being a model, Stefanie has gained exposure to photography, styling, makeup and hair and has been able to gain new perspectives on the fashion industry. "Some people think fashion is pretentious, but I think it's a true, intricate, skilled art form that can be an avenue for expression and creativity."

With classic feminine taste, Stefanie loves books, Keihls moisturizer, old movies, Vogue magazines, Richard - Avedon's photography and claims a nerdy love for classical music. Practicing ballet 20 hours a week she relates to model Coco Rocha who also comes from an intense background in dance.

Right now, every shoot is an exciting privilege for Stefanie but she dreams that one day her modeling will take her to Saint Basil's cathedral in Moscow or the romantic landmarks of Paris! For more info, or booking please visit the agency website at