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Lawrence K. - Shape Shifter
Retouching EYDIS EINARSDOTTIR represented by
Styling - DEANNA PALKOWSKI @ Lizbell Agency
Make-up/Hair - SONIA LEAL-SERAFIM @ THEY Representation using M.A.C cosmetics and TRESemmé HAIR CARE products
Model - LAWRENCE MATHEW @ Lizbell Agency
When people meet Lawrence, they find him interesting - inside and out. With light brown hair and piercing green eyes, this model of Russian decent has a striking look. But those aren't the only attention-grabbing traits about this rising star. Aside from modeling, he plays six musical instruments, sings and loves to garden.

A 22-year-old from the rural town of Grand Forks, British Columbia, Lawrence owes his blooming modeling career to New York City. After one inspiring trip to the fashion capital, he was able to meet talented people who motivated him to indulge in the creative side of life.

Timeless, authentic and comfortable are some of the words Lawrence uses to describe his style. That said, he does feel the industry influences that sense of style by exposing him to a wide variety of fashions. As a "shape shifter," he usually wears clothes that represent his mood and what he's doing. He can dress up for work or a night out in town, or dress down for gardening or adventuring.

Lawrence feels, "Fashion is a serious art form that many people adore." Calling it "still acting," he enjoys how modeling allows him to create different characters before the camera. The most memorable photoshoot to date had him protraying an Amish-inspired countryman for "Lost Boys," photographed by Chris Haylett.

Looking to the future, one of Lawrence's goals is to work and travel in Europe. He also hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams. For more info or booking, please visit the agency website at