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Oyuna - Ideas Always Come
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Make-up/hair - NEGAR @ Lizbell Agency
Model - STEPHANIE @ Lizbell Agency
Although Oyuna just recently launched her first clothing line, she is a long time fashion veteran. Growing up around fabrics and textiles, it is no surprise that her interest in fashion was ignited at an early age. Free time was often spent helping her mother with sewing. The idea of wearing something created with her own unique style was appealing and there were many times when it was difficult to find just the right fit. Eventually the decision was made to pursue fashion professionally and the next six year were spent in the Fashion Design program at Textile University in Uzbekistan.

Oyuna's career officially began when she was hired to design military garments in Asia. Work responsibilities included manufacturing, tailoring, pattern making and garment construction. At first she didn't enjoy the strict rules and lack of opportunity for invention, but came to realize that it was a valuable experience. Her vast knowledge of different fabrics and patterns can be credited to that first job. Oyuna has designed womenswear in small quantities for a decade. Recently, however, she decided that it was finally time to launch a line of her own. The collection of women's clothing is largely inspired by menswear. "I base my designs on menswear, but make them classy and feminine," she shares. A lot of time was spent making sure the line was cohesive and represented exactly who she was as a designer. The final result is her best work yet. Jackets are well-tailored and cocktail dresses reflect a perfect combination of modernity and classic femininity. Despite the pressures and complexity of producing a new line, Oyuna says she had a lot of fun, "It wasn't too difficult because, for me, ideas always come."

Each piece was created with versatility in mind. Clothes are designed to carry women from one season to the next and to fit different body shapes. What is really intriguing is how every item is made original by adding unique details to the same design. One tailored jacket, for example, has ruffles added at different places as well as in varied lengths. Due to her expertise in fabrics, Oyuna rarely struggles with patterns and designs. Once an idea pops up, it'll be only a couple days before it comes alive. She has "...a lot of fun designing, and I'm fortunate that it's not a struggle." Oyuna also knows that she definitely wants to create more lines in the future where she can experiment with different materials like leather, fur and knits. The collection's future focus may also be on natural fibres because they are practical and easy to handle. With her first collection behind her, consideration now turns to the practicality and value of the clothing as well as how much work is put into the finished products.

Oyuna is currently working on a holiday collection in addition to a Fall/Winter line. She never stops, because she can't not be designing. "This is me and I see myself doing it for a very long time." Her designs can be found in various boutiques in Vancouver including Dream, Little Black Dress, and 4th Avenue. For more information please visit the website at